Artificial Intelligence is one of the trending and hottest topic nowadays. Everyone is talking about AI and machine learning. AI is slowly hovering over the global market and replacing AI with the manual work. AI-ready drone robots are already replacing the manual door delivery being done by humans.

Now, to add more to this AI market, China has developed a teacher-robot who teaches the children of Kindergarten in China through its “Artificial Intelligence”. “I am Keeko. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?” Keeko asks. This Keeko robot is designed for the children aged from zero to seven. It has a round friendly face. It can sing and dance. It has five-year-old child’s intelligence. This armless robot can run on its two tiny wheels. It has two built-in cameras which can record video journals.

It has navigational sensors, voice recognition ability and a beautiful interactive screen on its face. Each time when children answers correctly, Keeko reacts delighted with its heart-shaped eyes on its screen on its face. A management head of a kindergarten in china says “Children loves Keeko very much because it can interact with them and tell them interesting stories.” When we ask Keeko to describe an elephant, it not just only uses the language to describe, rather it uses emotions and shows the picture on its screen.

Guo Yichen, CEO of Zhitong Moment (Xiamen) Technology Company says that robots can help parents and teachers to deliver interesting and engaging lessons. All they have to do is just load information in it and the robot can build the educational environment by itself. Needless to say, education is no longer the traditional one-way system. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, it simply becomes interactive and engaging. Earlier education through books, computer and projector seems outdated now, and the educational robots have taken its place. Educational robots are interactive, unlike the traditional one-way teaching through books and computers. The CEO is planning to release the second-generation Keeko robot with much more features in near future.