In a bid to fight smog and air pollution on large scale, China has built up an experimental tower that is over 100 metres (328 feet) tall which will act as an air purifier and is dubbed as “world’s biggest air purifier”. Looks like this gigantic tower located in Xian of north China is actually working.

For years, China is facing serious air pollution issues because of its population and immense use of vehicles that depend on fossil fuels and emit carbon into the air. With time, China has been promoting eco-friendly projects that would contribute in curbing air pollution. The latest experiment was conducted in Xian of Shaanxi province by the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. China authorities had built a tower that is 100 metres or 328 feet in height and its machine and parts occupy 2580 square metres of area, making it world’s largest air purifier.

The tower was built in May 2016 and was under testing ever since then to see if it is capable of actually improving air quality and in controlling smog in the air. After over one and half year of testing and it can produce 10 million cubic square metres of fresh air every day. Dubbed as world’s largest purifier, the tower can filter out fine particulate matter, including PM 2.5, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen dioxides as well as sulphur dioxide – all these substances mixed together makes smog. The best part about lies in the premises behind the tower: solar-powered greenhouses.

The greenhouses spread in area sizing half a soccer field around the base of the tower are the core of the tower’s air purification. These greenhouses suck in polluted air and then are heated up by solar energy, then the hot air rises through the tower and passes through multiple layers of cleaning filters. So the anti-smog tower doesn’t actually fight smog; instead, the device is used to get rid of the precursors that enable smog to form – that is sulphur oxide and nitrogen dioxides. This incredible air purifying method is called “solar-assisted large-scale cleaning system” (SALSCS).

However, the team said that these results were preliminary and the experiment is still continued and more detailed data will be gathered in March by this year. After receiving precise data about how effective the anti-smog towers are, and how inexpensive they can be made – it might be developed on larger scale. Perhaps, the goal of world’s biggest air purifier is to find an effective and cost-effective method to artificially fight smog and clean the pollution from the atmosphere to build up a clean, sustainable Earth.