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China launches world's fastest bullet train

China re-introduces world's fastest bullet train in whole world, which covers the distance between Shanghai and Beijing in just 4.5 hours at a swoopy speed of stunning 350 kilometres per hour!

Bullet trains are bullet-fast, but when we're talking about China, they need to take everything to another level - so they introduced the fastest bullet trains in whole world. Six years earlier, China had introduced the 350kph speed bullet train, but after a crash, the speed was reduced to 300 kph by China's Fuxing train operators. But they are back with world's fastest bullet train that could disappear from sight at the blink of eyes, with a speed of 350 kph.

Today, on September 21st, Fuxing bullet train's maiden super-fast boogies connecting Beijing and Shanghai - covering a distance of 1,318-kilometer. This trip took 4 hours 49 minutes for the currently running bullet trains, but thanks to Fuxing's new bullets - it will just take 4 hours and 28 minutes to cover the same distance. The new train will run seven times a day from South Beijing railway station to the Central station to Hongqiao in Shanghai. And as one of the busiest routes in China, the Beijing-Shanghai route has a traffic of over 100 million passengers annually!

Fuxing trains is responsible for fastest train networks in China and they have been quick in assuring safety measures this time. The bullet train consists of more than 2500 sensors that simultaneously collect some 1,500 real-time indicators from all carriages. If any abnormality occurs in the cooling, braking or air-conditioning systems, then alarms are activated and the train can stop on its own. The train is named after Xi Jinping's favourite catchphrase -
"Rejuvenation" and other than faster speed, it consists of more leg room, free Wi-Fi and more power outlets.

However, as I said earlier, China isn't satisfied with this speed yet and wants to go even faster, as one Chinese company is working on development of maglev trains which might be capable of running at 600 kph! And for far-future, it is also looking for futuristic 'flying' bullet trains which can propel to as much as 4,000 kph speed! But that's way too fast for now, devour 350 kph for now.

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