Israel-Palestine rift is considered as one of the toughest and most controversial rifts in global diplomatic history and currently, US is trying to mediate both countries to prevail peace in the area. In recent development, China hosted the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Symposium in Beijing, indicating their willingness to become new peace mediator for Israel and Palestine.

On December 21-22, Beijing hosted the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Symposium, although, this isn’t the first time that a symposium has been arranged in China, but this is the first time when the event will be held under Chinese President Xi Jinping. This indicates some serious intentions from the Chinese with intentions to replace the US as a peace mediator for the Palestine-Israel issue. The symposium featured eight delegates from Israel and Palestine, all in favor of a two-state solution, as well as 7 delegates from mainland China. Apart from that, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had held meetings with both groups separately too. During the symposium, China said that they hosted the symposium to “play an active and constructive role in promoting the settlement of the Palestine-Israel issue”.

Perhaps, China is one of the strongest nations and has immense global influence, so Beijing could play an important role in solving the biggest headache of the Middle East. China strongly stressed that two-state solution is the only feasible way to solve this problem and that Palestine should be given the status of an independent nation with East Jerusalem as its capital city, despite the fact that US recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and Guatemala became the first country to follow the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem.

China also confirmed that it will continue to pay more attention to the Palestine-Israel situation and actively participate in international communities who are working on building ‘comprehensive, just and lasting settlement’ of the Israel-Palestine issue at the earliest. The symposium ultimately ended with signing of a paper by delegates of both parties, supporting the two-state solution. This comes days after the UN General Assembly meeting where the US was isolated for its Jerusalem recognition and the UN denounced US’ move; showing China’s keenness to replace the US and become the new peace mediator for Middle East.