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Coca Cola might bring marijuana-infused drinks

World's largest soft drink company Coca-Cola is closely looking forward to set its foot into the marijuana-infused drinks market and they recently had a talk with Canada's cannabis company named "Aurora Cannabis Inc" to bring a new "spiked" version of Coke.

Countries like Canada and the United States have already moved to legalize the recreational use of psychedelic marijuana 1, and few big corporate companies are now eyeing the marijuana market. While the US government is thinking to legalize just the recreational use of cannabis and other uses will remain illegal under the US federal laws, companies like Coca Cola are showing interests in entering the marijuana market. In fact, Coca Cola is holding discussions with a Canadian company named "Aurora Cannabis Inc" that makes recreational cannabis items.

According to the discussion over a possible product-tie up, Aurora Cannabis can open a new front competing with Coke, which will overcome the demand of heavily filled sugar soda by diversifying into health-focused drink and coffee. Both Coca Cola and Aurora have confirmed in a separate statement that they are interested in launching cannabidiol (CBD) infused version of coke. Although there is no guarantee that the discussion between Coke and Aurora Cannabis would be successful, but the share prices of Aurora soared to 22 percent and Coca Cola's stocks have also gained, which indicates something cooking up.

If this partnership between Coca Cola and Aurora happens, it would be the greatest competitor of alcoholic drinks, which is non-Alcoholic. The Cannabis related products are possible to make a great impact in the beverages market as well as the Alcohol market. Besides Coca Cola, Pepsi and other beverage maker companies would also be looking forward to producing the Cannabis-related products and drinks.

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