With a large amount of attention on what their project that is upcoming with the same excitement, Rajamouli revealed that he had been preparing to direct an adaptation of the epic Mahabharata movie.

After the franchise that is Baahubali 2 success in India and abroad, director SS Rajamouli has set a benchmark for filmmakers into the subcontinent.

Definitely! here it is, filmmaker SS Rajamouli had evidently discussed the possibility of his gargantuan project on Mahabharata with Bollywood star Aamir Khan. So next what? Aamir is In!

Based on several reports, Aamir Khan is wanting to play the role of ‘Arjuna’ while Rajamouli has some plan that is different a to keep Aamir at perfect place.

It appears with VFX coming of age in Indian cinema with films like Baahubali, there are lots of opportunities that have opened up in regards to creativity in film-making.

It is also rumoured that three other filmmakers Madhu Mantena, Allu Aravind and Namit Malhotra have actually joined forces to convert the other epic, the Ramayana, onto the silver screen.