Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, and right after announcement of the election dates when the Model Code of Conduct becomes effective – the Election Commission has launched an app named cVIGIL to empower anyone to report election code violations by political parties for immediate actions.

With the official declaration of general election dates on March 10 – Sunday, the Model Code of Conduct came into effect immediately. As per the constitutional law prior to election, political parties are required to follow the guidelines for their electoral meetings, processions, speeches and general conduct till the final votes are counted. Moreover, the Election Commission gets the power to monitor over the central governments, state governments, political parties and their election candidates to ensure freeness and fairness before, during and after the polls.

However, there have been cases when the violation reports of Model Code of Conduct were delayed, letting the accused escape without penalties. Also, the lack of real-time valid proofs resulted into authenticity of violation reports and hindered the democratic exercise. To overcome this issue, the Election Commission unveiled an app called cVIGIL that empowers any citizen to expose election code violations with proofs including pictures and video snippets while maintaining the anonymity of reporter.

Here are the certain things that political parties cannot do after implementation of the code of conduct, and can be reported on the app.

To report on the app directly to poll authorities, Android users can install the cVIGIL app from Google Play Store, allow GPS tracking and then wait for a violation. To record any complaint, you need to click on the photo/video icon in the app, and post it with your current location. Then, the media file stamped with date, time and location can be submitted directly to be processed within 100-minute for the EC to directly act on it. Anyone who files a complaint will receive status of the problem, and can also opt to file it anonymously.