What if cycles ate smog and polluted air? No, not metaphorically. Now what if I tell you that there is a kind of cycle which sucks in smog and releases purified air, just by pedalling is a reality? Trust me, it really is.

Walking through the foul, smoky, carbonic smog is bad enough, imagine riding a bike through it and engulfing down the polluted air as you pedal had to run that bike? It will kind of be like hooking up your lungs to the tailpipe of a diesel car. But that is not going to be so bad, in fact we all will be very willing to pedal away for clean air and just for life, while our bikes would suck away all the dirty filthy smog and release clean air for us to breath.

A Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has invented the bike that sucks up smog and releases clean air as the cycler pedals the bicycle. Considering the increasing pollution rates, Chinese company, Ofo has developed about 2.2 million such bikes in 43 cities and launched a Smog Free Project. Roosegaarde was inspired to start this Smog Free Project just before three hours when he was in Beijing and gazed out from the window – a city skyline shrouded in smog. The Smog Free Bicycle will absorb carbon and other particles from the atmosphere in major cities like Beijing.

The idea is to mobilize fleets of these smart cycles and cleanse the nasty miasmas that are haunting the atmosphere of not just China, but the entire world. But how does a bike really ‘cleanse’ smog? Well in theory, these bikes would include a device, likely mounted on the handlebars, that can pull in ambient air and run it through positive-ionization filters to remove particulate matter. Hence, as you pedal, the device will leave a trail of healthy breeze which will blow away right on the face of the cycler! And if these bikes are adopted in large quantities, they can even improve the overall air quality of any city and reduce the carbon footprint.

Perhaps that surely pictures up as a pie in the sky, but China has something more to suck up that notorious brown cloud hovering over the country. They have developed aaaa – Smog Free Tower! Yes, the tower is 23-feet tall and was made live last year in Beijing. This tower soaks up all the polluted air and release fresh air around the structure. That is amazing, right. And the smog free cycle is cool too, so are you ready to pedal away for life?