Hurricane Harvey, which had hit Texas is no more a hurricane, but it is not stopping to drench Texas with heavy rainfall. During critical flood situations, Dallas has opened up a mega-shelter which can host 5000 people, safely.

The city of Houston was dripped and flooded with more than 30 inches of rainfall in weekend because of hurricane-turned-storm Harvey. Roads were turned into streams of water and boats had to be used instead of cars. Unprecedented rainfall continues, forcing thousands of people to evacuate from their homes. To rescue the evacuees, the city of Dallas has converted their ‘City Centre’ into a mega-shelter which is capable of hosting 5000 people. The city is working with Dallas County and Red Cross to house flood evacuees from the Gulf Coasts at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre.

Dallas has taken in thousands of people when Hurricane Katrina, Ike and Gustav had hit the States; so Dallas and Dallas County are very experienced and are prepping up to welcome the evacuees from Houston. The biggest challenge would be to save people from falling sick, and the authorities are seeking help from the Red Cross to facilitate medical assistance to any evacuee, if needed. The authorities have also set up signs, guidelines and instructions to promote basic hygiene, to prevent outbreak of any disease.

The Coast Guards and National Guards have rescued and evacuated more than 1000 people from flooded Houston, in just one night. The rainfall is said to continue and aggravate already flooded situations, so the Houston Mayor and authorities have suggested people to evacuate as soon as possible. On the other hand, crew members of the Salvation Army are setting up their kitchens in Dallas to feed the evacuees, with 42 mobile vans and hundreds of volunteers. As weather forecasters expect warns for more rainfall, Dallas is preparing to save the people suffering from wrath of nature – a good deed without doubts.