Daniel Craig is back as James Bond for the 25th and final official Danny Boyle directed James Bond thriller which is to be released in 2019; and Craig will receive a fat pay cheque that will shock you.

The 007 movie will be back in 2019 for one last time, and so will be Daniel Craig playing the character of – Bond, James Bond. After months of speculation, actor Daniel Craig’s comeback as James Bond for a fifth and final 007 movie has been confirmed – but there is more of it. Do we remember the mammoth amount of money that Craig earned from last Bond film Spectre? Yes, it was 37 million pounds. Perhaps Craig is talking money as he is all set to beat the Spectre record with his upcoming Bond film with his role as the popular MI6 agent in the 25th instalment of the franchise – which will reportedly earn him a striking amount of 50 million pounds.

The filming of the final instalment of James Bond thriller will begin in December and Craig is likely to film for five months so that the film can be released in autumn. Oh and apart from being the supercool cameo James Bond, Daniel Craig will also get an ­executive producer credit, along with endorsements and profits and that is what sums up to the outrageous amount of money that he will earn. This amount will break all records made by actors who played the role of Bond – like Sean Connery made 7 million pounds for six official Bond movies, George Lazenby made 72,000 pounds for one outing, Roger Moore bagged 17 million pounds for his seven films as the iconic spy.

Craig is to get paid an amount of 50 million pounds and the film is expected to have a run time of about 2 hours 20 minutes. So calculating the cost, the actor will earn 357,000 pounds per minute of screen time! That is crazy amount of money. Even Danny Boyle, the director himself is likely to earn about 7 million pounds from the yet-to-be-launched film. However, considering the fact that this will be the final instalment of the entire series of James Bond; and that Spectre had made over 700 million pounds and Skyfall over 900 million pounds before they sold DVD, streaming and TV rights – Daniel Craig is surely worth every penny.