Instant messaging giant WhatsApp is known for loads of updates and new feature addition frequently, and it has been reported that they are testing new features like the Swipe to Reply, Dark mode, message forwarding and more for all Android users; and the feature is already available for beta users.

Continuing its trend of adding new features and releasing regular updates, Facebook owned instant-messaging application WhatsApp is now testing few new features – “Dark Mode” and “Swipe To Reply” feature being the most significant ones. The “Dark Mode” which could be called “Night Mode” will allow you to switch to a darker themed background, suitable for night to save your eyes from getting strained – with a darker backdrop. However, it is unclear if it will be a full black mode that could improve power efficiency in smartphones with OLED displays or it would just help with the eyes. The dark mode:

WhatsApp Swipe to Reply

Whereas the “Swipe to Reply” feature works in the personal chat or a group chat – a feature that is already on iOS version since long and will finally be introduced to zillions of Android users. With this new feature, one simply needs to swipe right the message they want to reply and the message will load in the reply context – easy-peasy.  This will allow users to quickly reply to a messages using a swipe gesture than having to tap and hold the message, select reply option from the top and then type to reply. For now, both these and many other features are being tested on Android Beta, and will be released to the Android users.

Since the version is recently already submitted to the Google Play Beta Program, one can register themselves and voluntarily tests new versions of various apps. To get the latest features before everyone else, you can register yourself for it from here, and you will get to test new versions frequently. But it mist be noted that Beta apps might not work as smoothly as standard versions and could be filled with bugs – so try it at your risk. Or just wait for the 2.18.282 version to be launched officially by WhatsApp.