The Delhi government is all set to launch doorstep delivery service of a total of 40 government services like receiving driving license, marriage certificate, ration cards and other official documents starting from today – 10th September, 2018.

The much touted and much talked about plan of doorstep delivery of 40 types of government services to citizens by the AAP-led Delhi government is finally put in movement from today. Under the doorstep delivery scheme, the government will deliver documents such as ration cards and income, caste and marriage certificates to citizens at their home. The home delivery system prove to be a major relief for people of Delhi as they will not require to stand in long queues to access a number of government services – with an extra charge of Rs 40, everything will be delivered to their doorsteps.

The first phase of the doorstep delivery service includes               receipt of documents and certificates like the caste, new water connection, income, driving licence, ration card, domicile, marriage registration, duplicate RC and change of address in RC and many others. Issuing driving license can be done with a special procedure where one will require to call a designated call centre and give the details. After that, a Mobile Sahayak will be allotted, who will visit the applicant’s residence and get the required details and documents. After that, the applicant will have to visit specified Motor Licensing Office (MLO) for completing the driving test and receiving license.

The Mobile Sahayak is said to be equipped with all equipment including a biometric devices and a camera, adding that for doorstep delivery of services, the applicant would be charged a nominal fee. The new service covers special signup option for old age and handicap pension schemes from their homes so that they can access all service without any hassle. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal believes that the delivery service will not only prove to be convenient for citizens, but it will be a “revolution in governance. A big blow to corruption. Super convenience for people. Happening for the first time anywhere in the world.”