The Beating Retreat Ceremony is set to spread the hymn of music and melody, today, as 29th January of every year marks the culmination of the Republic Day celebrations, and Delhi celebrated the ceremony today evening.

The ceremony begins on arrival of the President of India Sri Ram Nath Kovind, accompanied by the President’s Bodyguard Regiment, at the Vijay Chowk with other dignitaries of the nation. The musical bands of all three wings of the Armed Forces of India will flourish the Vijay Chowk with the music enriched with the enthusiasm of the bands and with the essence of patriotism. This age-old military tradition for which the Defense Forces came to capital for the R’Day conducting, marks their return to the barracks as ordered by the President of India.

As a handover-tradition by the Britishers to Indians, “the Beating Retreat Ceremony” was developed by Indian Army’s Grenadier Battalion Major G A Roberts aka Robbie in the early 1950s. 15 Military Bands, Regimental centers, and Battalions’ 15 Pipes and Drum Band will perform in front of the President. Also, one band each from the Navy and the Air Force will spread the hymn of ocean and air. The other participants to showcase the performances will be the State Police and CAPF comprising the Central Industrial Security Force, Central Reserve Police Force, and Delhi Police.

Total 27 melodies will be played of which 19 are composed by Indian genii viz. Bhupal, Vijay Bharat, Aakash Ganga, Gangotri, Namaste India, Samudrika, Jai Bharat, Young India, Indian Star, Paharon ki Rani, Kumaoni Geet, Jai Janam Bhumi, Queen of Satpura, Marooni, Vijay, Soldier-My Valentine, Veerta Ki Misal, Amar Senani, Bhumiputra.  The rest 8 western melodies are  Fanfare by Buglers, Sound Barrier, Emblazoned, Twilight, ‘Alert’ (Post Horn Gallop) ‘Space.