The Delhi Metro System is planning for 200 new boogies will be added to the Delhi Metro soon, under its Phase III expansion.

Delhi is huge, so obviously there are a hell lot of people and because of heavy traffic, long distance daily travel and being budget friendly, majority of Delhiites prefer public transport – mostly the Delhi Metro. So obviously, Delhi metros are more than loaded, all the time. Considering this issue, the DMRC will add over 200 coaches in its existing fleet in the coming days. While some of the coaches will be joined to make new trains, a majority of them will be used to convert six-coach trains on the Dwarka and Gurgaon lines — that carry about 70% of the total passengers — into 8-coach trains.

Sharat Sharma, director of DMRC said, “In 2015-16, we had 1,340 coaches, which has now increased to 1,456. The number of coaches will further increase to 1,654 by next year. Majority of the trains will be converted to 8-coaches, but we will keep some 6-coach trains to run in sections where we don’t get much traffic.”. As per stats, 6 coaches can carry about 1,800 passengers, while 8-coach trains can carry over 2,400 passengers. By running 8-coach trains most of the time, more passengers can be cleared in the same time.

Currently, Delhi Metro operates on six corridors to which two more will be added in Phase III, for which the Delhi Metro has already placed an order of 486 coaches. But the issue is that these new coaches will not be integrated to the existing system as they are designed differently and cannot run on the existing tracks.