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Delhi's "Signature Bridge" inaugurated

Known as Delhi's pride, the shiny new "Signature Bridge" build on the Yamuna river in Delhi was inaugurated by CM Arvind Kejriwal today after it missed a few deadlines and the bridge will open up for public from tomorrow.

Announced in 2004, it took 14 years for India's first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge called the "Signature Bridge" that build over the Yamuna River and connecting north and northeast Delhi to be inaugurated - but it is finally open. The shiny new bridge had become a political tug-of-war ground, but now that it is open, it will off burden the traffic on Wazirabad Bridge, connect the Outer Ring Road on the western bank of Yamuna and also significantly cut down the travel between north and northeast Delhi - a pride indeed.

But beyond connecting two banks of Yamuna, the Signature Bridge is not known as the pride of Delhi for nothing - in fact, it is India's first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge that boasts a 675-metre-long cable-stayed section. It took 17,300 tonne vertical capacity pendulum bearings to make 127 strands of back-stay cables to build the bridge that is shaped like a "namaste". Built at a cost of Rs 1594 crore after missing four deadlines, the iconic bridge of Delhi is a wide eight-lane carriageway that can commute thousands of vehicles at once.

And to offer one of the most breathe-taking views, the centre of the bridge is held together by a 154-metre-high glass viewing box – that is almost double the height of Qutub Minar. So to get the topmost panoramic view, a total of 50 people can travel up on the central block through 4 elevators; and also enjoy taking pictures from the dedicated "selfie spots" up-top on the bridge. Hence, the Signature Bridge will not only be a medium of easier and faster transportation for Delhiites, but it will also turn out to be a tourist attraction – impacting the socio-cultural fabric of the national capital of India.

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