The Despicable Me 3 Trailer gives a sneak peek of villain-turned-goodguy Gru’s twin villain brother Dru and with Dr Dre’s song ‘What’s the difference’ playing as background scores, seems like the upcoming movie is much more swaggier, cooler and hilarious. Gru’s villainy humour and his transformed personality to a ‘misfit-ty’ family guy was already prodigious and now Gru actually has a twin brother! Like, What! Really! That’s doubled up goodness all at once.

Did I not mention the minions yet! The trailer features the cutest-things-ever minions who as always seem to be very happy on knowing that Gru’s twin brother Dru is a villain and has somehow convinced Gru to get to a villainy task all over again. The minions never ending efforts for convincing Gru to swing back to the ‘cool business’. And aren’t those little yellow creatures just snuggly cute!

What makes the Despicable Me series so successful is that these movies send a strong hidden message of humanity and that too in a funny jolly way, no cheap humour at all. And Gru is one of the best animated character ever in the history of cinema. Gru himself being a ‘villain’ passes a very, very positive vibe throughout the Illumination series. And to double up comes his twin brother. On meeting Dru for the first time, Gru realizes that the only difference between him and his brother are Dru’s ‘flowing blond hair’. I wonder which shampoo does Dru use because those are some shiny healthy hair.

All the dialogues throughout the trailer are amazing and gives us a brief yet unrevealing idea of what the movie plot will be like. And of course, Agnes (Fluffy fluff!) was not left behind in the trailer which showed her innocent efforts to help Gru when he lost the job at AVL. The movie is scheduled to be release this summer on 30 June, 2017. And we desperately anticipate for the movie to hit-rock-smash the box offices just like the previous ones did. Until then, let’s just sit back and enjoy ba-na-na.