Destiny 2 has not been a secret for a long time now, we were expecting it but doesn’t make is any less exciting. Bungie has officially released first content of the first full sequel of Destiny; exact date of release is yet to be announced.

An official teaser image was released from the Destiny’s twitter account confirming all the rumours that, yeah, the full sequel of Destiny is coming soon and is called Destiny 2. The official logo has more hidden hints than you might think at first glance. The studio is pretty light on information and what fans officially got was a picture!

And for all those who have no idea of what I am talking about, well it is an online-only one multiplayer shooter game developed by Bungie and published by Activision and was made available worldwide for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

Now let’s get to business, oh I mean game, the game. The logo image leaves some subtle clues of what Destiny 2 will be like. The smoke at the bottom seems to be Earth’s Last City, which previous rumours have suggested will be taken over, or destroyed by, the Cabal in the sequel.

Destiny had tough time during its first launch but with time it got addictive and engaging.  Not quite an MMO, but far from a traditional shooter, it managed to straddle a number of lines while keeping its rock-solid mechanics and enjoyable shooting intact. And we hope that Destiny 2 sees a slightly smoother launch.

The sequel is dedicated to the fan community that has been with Destiny in its trivial times too and we know the crown will take the leap to make Destiny 2 even more successful. Oh and not to forget, A Destiny 2 beta is also set to be released on PlayStation 4 in June before other platforms, no dates have been confirmed for Xbox One and PC. Go Play.