Commenting on the dilution of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act after Supreme Court’s ruling, PM Modi has said that he will not allow the dilution of the special act – suggesting that the government is planning for an ordinance to keep the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe act “unchanged”.

After much ado across the nation over the Supreme Court’s order for the dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, the government is finally planning to roll out an ordinance to keep the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe act “unchanged” in case the Supreme Court does not reverse a recent judgment that many Dalits alleged diluted the law safeguarding them – as per two union ministers. Besides this, PM Modi said on Thursday that the Centre will not allow the law to be affected in the least and instead accused Congress of being insincere in its commitment to Dalit rights.

This assurance from PM Modi came during the function to inaugurate the B R Ambedkar memorial at Alipur Road in New Delhi. Addressing the controversy over the SC ruling doing away with automatic arrest for offences under the SC/ST Act, Modi said, “When the SC gave its judgment on the Act, we immediately filed a review petition. Very few know there was a six-day public holiday between the day of the judgment and filing of the review. I want to assure the country that the law, which was made stringent by us, will not be allowed to be affected (by the SC order).”

All legal options will be explored only after the Supreme Court takes a call on the review petition that the government filed on April 2 against the March 20 judgment, which triggered nationwide Dalit protests. At least a dozen people were killed in clashes between protesters, police and people opposing a general strike called by Dalits against the court ruling on April 2.