Apple recently launched a fresh new operating system update, the iOS 11, but it came with quite some flaws ranging from battery drain, email errors and hitching flow of apps. The good news is, Apple found out these bugs and ushered out iOS 11.0.1 update within just a week! But should you update?

Buggy OS update is not a new story, and generally it is best to wait for some time before updating to a hot-new operating system update, despite all the tempting features. Last week, iOS 11 update rolled out and people were so overzealous that the number of updates to iOS 11 outnumbered the people using Android Nougat – which has been around since a year. You don’t want to be the excited iSheep, do you? It won’t be wrong to compare updating a new OS right away after its release, with sipping a hot coffee from the mug just because it smells irresistible and burning the tip of your tongue. It is nothing fatal or catastrophic, it will be healed and solved but still, nobody wants a burned tongue, right?

Yet, if you went ahead and have already updated to iOS 11, and unluckily, having hard time with the bugs, here’s another chance for you. Apple has just rolled out a bug-fixing update – iOS 11.0.1, but wait, don’t jump in right away again! Let’s see if it is worth going for or it is like right out of the frying pan and into the fire. So about bug-fixer update, the iOS 11.0.1 will be compatible with iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later and the 6th generation iPod touch or later. So if your device is anything other than that, sorry we have no redemption for you.

Now, forums on Reddit and Apple’s official Support communities convey us the message that users are facing some issues with the upgrade – including ongoing poor battery life and performance, trouble with the Files app and crashes. The 11.0.1 update says that it “includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad.”. But digging deeper, Apple has not mentioned anything about the bug where iOS 11 broke synchronisation of Exchange accounts with Apple Mail, rendering millions of email accounts useless unless you reverted to a third party app. The noticeable improvements include performance of iMessage App Explorer, Springboard, Camera and Photos.

So should you go for the update? Well, there are far too many users reporting iOS 11.0.1 if you aren’t facing problems with your current version of iOS. But go for it if you are already affected by Exchange bug, and I suppose there is nothing to lose if you are suffering from severe battery degradation because of iOS 11. If those two are the cases, maybe you should take a chance, make a gamble – who knows what could work. But if you aren’t one of those victims and still using an earlier version, it is best to wait for letting it sync-in – let the simmering coffee cool down a little.