US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will finally come face-to-face for real, for the first ever US-North Korea summit, possibly in May this year, to negotiate over the nuclear programs – marking a dramatic breakthrough in global nuclear tension.

Recently, during a summit with South Korea, rouge state North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un had expressed willingness to discuss denuclearisation with the US. Soon after the summit in Pyongyang, South Korean national security director, Chung Eui-yong, conveyed the invitation to the White House. Reverting to the move, US President Donald Trump has accepted the invitation and both leaders will possibly meet soon to negotiate nuclear program and discuss the possibility of denuclearising the Korean peninsula. This can be considered as one of the most significant diplomatic overturn which would bring together two strong and idiosyncratic rivals like Trump and Kim, who have traded threats of serious nuclear war.

The meeting, which might be held in May this year, could mean the end of nuclear threats from DPRK about nuking the US and insulting tweets from Mr Trump, doing nothing more than provoking the opponents. However, this could only be possible if the United States successfully agrees upon the conditions that will be put on table by North Korea – one of which might include guaranteed security of the Korean peninsula. So far, as per reports from the South Korean mediator, Kim has shown keenness in denuclearisation and Trump has appreciated the briefings and welcomed the talks to denuclearise DPRK permanently.

As “historic overture” and “dramatic diplomatic changeover” as it is, one must not forget that here, we are talking about Donald Trump and the Kim Jong-un, so it is but-natural to expect exaggerated concessions from North Korea and haughtiness from the American end. Both these leaders share a penchant for bold and dramatic approach and their personal participation in the talks have more chances of taking the entire meet-up to undirected directions. What do we expect when an “orange dotard” meets a “little rocket man”? KA-BOOM? Nah, let the peace prevail.