Washington: Ahead of Trump-Modi meet, one more important matter discussed which is vital for India’s trade and investment is, permanent membership in UNSC and NSG. And the USA is undoubtedly supporting to India for this position.

India’s bid for permanent seat in reformed UN Security Council and in other multilateral institutions like the Nuclear Suppliers Group is opposed by neighbouring country China. Earlier India-China meet in present month where hope of green signal observed but China did not show support, at last.

PM Modi is thankful for the kind gesture of USA for UNSC and NSG like matters where India is capable of playing a very good role. Being partners in global non-proliferation, United States expressed strong support for India’s early membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Wassenaar Arrangement, and the Australia Group, according to the joint statement after the meeting between Modi and Trump.

Modi said, “We’re extremely grateful for the continued support of the United States for India’s membership of international institutions and regimes. We truly appreciate the support because this is also in the interest of both our nations”.

On another side, despite many failures, India is committed to getting elite group membership by its diplomatic efforts to ensure expansion of the permanent as well as non-permanent member of the UNSC.

China’s decision is considered as the main hurdle for India’s NSG membership just because there will be no changes in its stance on the admission of non-NPT states into the grouping.

At present, India is not a signatory to the NPT. But, with the support of USA, there is a strong hold on NSG bid for India. If it happens, it will be the most significant achievement for India in terms of nuclear trade.