So, the President of world’s largest nuclear arsenal – Donald Trump wants to de-nuke the entire world – no nuclear weapons in the entire world. How? When? How, again?

US President Donald Trump is known for speaking his mind, like he literally says it all – which, as some fear, might get America nuked. After recent threat from North Korea about firing ballistic missile over, while Trump was addressing in a media session, Trump expressed his feelings about the most dangerous global threat. Posing nuclear weapons as the greatest global threats, Trump said that he wants to de-nuke the world by completely eliminating nuclear weapons which are possessed by Russia, US, China, Pakistan and all others.

Just when you wondered if it was a dream, and there it was – Trump said that until his ‘dream’ of nuclear-free world is achieved, he wanted America to become the most powerful nuclear nations on Earth, by far. Trump said, “The first order I gave to my generals, I want this, our nuclear arsenal, to be the biggest and the finest in the world. We spent a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of effort. It is in tip-top shape, and getting better and getting stronger. Until such time as this scourge disappears, we will be so much better and so much stronger than anybody else. And nobody, including North Korea, is going to be threatening us with anything.”. Could this be any more logical!

The idea of de-nuking the world can’t get any better but practically speaking, who on earth is ever going to do that! It is not even a question. When Trump was asked of how he could have made that arsenal more powerful without the decades that a large-scale modernization would take, the president insisted he’d done a lot already and would continue to do so. Trump said his administration will be increasing military budget by many billions of dollars because of the North Korean threat and other reasons. Talking about the Russia sacking 755 workers of the US Embassy in Moscow, Trump thanked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, boasting that the move would cut payrolls and save him some money. That makes one great move towards de-nuking.