Mother’s Day is just hours away, and if you are yet to buy your mom a gift, well don’t because handmade by ‘you’ shouts feelings louder than the store bought gift. Put some efforts and let’s get crafty with these Mother’s Day special DIY – Do It Yourself.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and mums will get those standard chocolate, flowers, bedroom slippers, and spa treatment gifts – which is nice, but over time these get boring. So try something offbeat this year? Why not surprise your mother with some creative gifts that are customised and made by you! There’s something for everyone and these are really easy and quick ideas, perfect for last minute gifts, saved your arse there.

1. Cute Marble Mug

Mugs are very mainstream gifts but how about spicing them up with some nail polish? All you need is a plain mug, few nail polishes and some water. These are perfect if your mum is a coffee lover and this technique can also be used to make makeup brush holders and desk organizers!

2. How about a 3D flower pop-up card?

These flower popup cards are the cutest or what! They are so colourful and live and perfect for Mother’s day and the silver lining, making card cannot get any simpler and easier than this.

3. Let’s try some string art

String art is trending all over Pinterest and this DIY has string art, mason jars and flowers all together! Love, love, love. Your mom will surely drool over this piece and got to try it!

4. Pampering bath bomb DIY

Don’t spend hundreds on those bath bombs when you can make them yourselves. Pamper the lady who has pampered you all your life, with these fun bath bombs.

5. Make a terrarium

Buying just another bouquet of flowers, why not get her a longer lasting miniature garden inside a glass container? A terrarium, which is like an aquarium but for plants, is low-maintenance. A light misting every other week is all that is needed for the growth and maintenance of this gift with calming effects. It takes some efforts but totally worth it!

6. Make some yummy cute macrons?

Instead of buying your mother a box of chocolate (again) this Mother’s Day, why not make her some macaroons? Macaroons are not the easiest things to make, but if done right, they can turn out to be the tastiest and most beautiful edible gifts around.

Hope this was helpful to you and be grateful to the lady who has and will love you your whole life. Advanced wishes for all the mothers out there!