A day after the US-backed Syrian armed forces, dozens of ISIS terrorists emerged out of tunnels in eastern Syria on Sunday and surrendered as an aftermath of the fall of caliphate.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have been on months-long operations against IS strongholds in the Euphrates Valley of Syria, and that had led to accumulation of thousands of jihadists and their families in Baghouz. Since over two weeks, the Kurd and US-backed SDF had been undergoing an assault operation against the IS strongholds in the eastern city of Baghouz. And on March 23, Saturday, the SDF made an announcement of having defeated the IS caliphates in the region under Baghouz operation.

Just a day after the announcement of “fall of the caliphate” in eastern Syrian provinces, the SDF announced that dozens of ISIS group jihadists emerged from tunnels to surrender to US-backed Syrian forces from the remote villages near Baghouz, and boarded the pickup trucks near Iraq border. Kurdish spokesman Jiaker Amed reported that most of them were men, with thick beards, long woollen kaftans over their dark-coloured robes or chequered scarf around their faces. The SDF believes that the jihadists surrendered after their last hideout was “under the drizzle” and that the last shred of land controlled by the IS in Syria was now conquered.

However, the Kurd administration have warned that thousands of fighters and their families from as many as 54 countries had accumulated in Syrian provinces, and although 66,000 people including 5000 jihadists left the last IS pocket since January – there can be thousands still hiding. And the detention process in Syria is facing troubles since their home countries are reluctant to take them back because of potential risks and public backslash. Furthermore, there are thousands of children raised with the extremist thinking, and if they are not re-educated, they can turn out to be potential threats for international society. The IS might be falling, but the fight is not over and there are bigger challenges staggering up for future.