The nuke-nation of Korean peninsula, North Korea is willing to talk about denuclearisation with the United States after long bitter spat and aggressive nuclear testing by Pyongyang; the US authorities have confirmed that during the historic meeting, Kim Jong un and Donald Trump will talk about getting rid of nuclear weapons.

Prior to the historic Kim-Trump meeting soon, the US and North Korean officials have ‘secretly’ and directly contacted each other recently – during which, Pyongyang has shown willingness to hold the summit and discuss denuclearisation. To be more accurate, DPRK leader Kim Jong un will himself discuss about denuclearisation with US president Donald Trump. This is a major diplomatic development between the US and North Korea because until now, US relied on South Korean resources to communicate with Kim’s regime – however, now they are directly contacting as per reports.

The move comes days after Kim Jong un’s surprise visit to Beijing, where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping – ahead of the unprecedented US-North Korea meeting which can occur in May. After almost a year of exchanging snubs, peace talks is will be a pleasant surprise on global diplomatic level and will prove to be a huge step forward for two countries. But before the meeting in May, a meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un on 27 April will be also be key to getting a clearer idea of what North Korea really wants and will help prepare the US for its talks with the young leader.

While this entire change in approach and North Korean charm might be interpreted to be very optimistic, one must not forget that the term ‘denuclearisation’ can mean two very different things in the US and North Korea. The US wants DPRK to give up its entire nuclear arsenal for which Kim Jong un and his nation has spent millions over millions of dollars and compromised the development of the people of country for decades just to develop a strong nuclear arsenal. So both leaders want to discuss denuclearisation, they might possibly interpret it rather differently – which will mean that the differences will come face-to-face. Mercy!