DJI is the world’s largest consumer drone manufacturer, has cracked 76th position in Forbes top 100 of ‘Richest in Tech’.

Drone is the future technology of world where its proper utilisation will save time and money both. Amazon and other tech-giants have already started using drone in their various projects and research.

Frank Wang Tao worths $3.2 Bn in his revenue to build up the smartest and biggest drone tech firm. China-based company DJI has already acquired many start-up funds from country itself to boost the productivity and deliver robust drone to the world market.

Being named as Asia’s youngest tech billionaire, Wang completed his graduation in Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

At a very age, he was keen to start drone technology as his point of interest for profession, set up the debut manufacturing hub at near Shenzhen city.

Talking about the quality of product, company is making the premier level drone for professionals and career-oriented tasks which will cost $1000 and more. Basically, it has capacity to build affordable one but it may dominate toy industry then, the company think tank thinks.

One of the most famous products DJI made is ‘Phantom Quadcopters’, released in 2013 gathered many attentions from hobbyists and professional photographers, and essentially created the consumer drone industry. This drone was special for hard-core aerial photography which cost upto $3000 for its ultimate model.

Earlier this month, 3D Robotics announced that it would integrate its Site Scan software platform with DJI to make it compatible with their drones to convert images into data.