India seems to be keenly interested in signing multibillion-dollar defence deal with Israel which will provide a technological up-gradation to the armed forces of India. The deal will include anti-tank missiles, armed drones and many other defence equipment.


During PM Modi’s visit at Israel, it is said that the defence deal was discussed and India is keen to sign the defence deal that costs billions of dollars. The stalled purchase of hundreds of anti-tank guided missile Spike is expected to get a fresh lease of life from the Cabinet Committee on Security under Prime Minister Modi under a $1-billion purchase plan in the next few days.

Israel has offered to sell India its armed unmanned aerial vehicles Eitan and Heron TP to enhance stand-off strikes and long ranged strikes. They have also offered the Spike anti-tank missile.  The Heron TP-armed drones, capable of detecting, tracking and taking down targets with air to ground missiles, have been on the armed forces wish list for years, before the programme was fast tracked in September 2015.

The Indian government is looking forward to sign the contract with Israeli firm called Rafael Advanced Defence System as it has agreed to transfer technology to India and support the ‘Make in India’ project. Armed drones will give India the option of taking out large terrorist camps or individual targets in hostile territory with minimal risk. India is also pursuing an indigenous drone programme—Rustom 2—that is being developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

This is a step ahead in term of defence and India needs support from foreign countries to develop advance defence arms like UAVs, but it is touch to convince foreign countries to agree with the Make in India theme. If more and more drones will be joining the armed forces, the day is not too far when we won’t have to send precious human fleets to warzones or border securities risking their lives.