UK and Singapore are chosen the most, in accordance with a study by having a high vegetarian populace in the US, outbound travellers pick a location according to accessibility to vegetarian food in which Dubai is also preferred one.

The UK and Singapore have topped the list depending on the newest Cox and Kings survey, ‘Top vegetarian-friendly destinations and choices of Indian vegetarian outgoing travellers’, along with Dubai.

Other destinations chosen by vegetarians for holidaying would be the US, Switzerland, Malaysia, Israel, Thailand, Australia and brand New Zealand, it added.

The survey had been conducted from March 2017 having a sample size of 5,000 participants with age groups including 20-65 years.

Because of a rise in the range of vegetarians and Indian restaurants and growing populace that is Indian, these destinations are becoming the top alternatives for Indian vegetarian travellers.

The survey also revealed that food is considered the most factor that is important finalising a vacation.

While 70 percent of the vegetarian travellers chooses their location based on accessibility to food of the option, 30 percent would scout for a vegetarian restaurant it stated after they have actually chosen a destination.

It discovered that 85 per cent regarding the younger generation, involving the age group 20-45 years, is open to cosmopolitan tours where they truly are offered veg food. Whereas nearly all the travellers within the age group 46-65 years would necessarily opt for friends tour that assures meals that are vegetarian.

Assurance of the vegetarian meal drives type of accommodation and trip to be chosen, it stated.

The survey said about 71 % of the vegetarian travellers decided to go with vegetarian tours over cosmopolitan people, the good reason being the option of dishes.

Resort hotels with vegetarian restaurants are preferred by 53 percent of this vegetarian travellers, whereas just 20 percent will be fine with a food that is multi-cuisine, it stated.

The survey discovered that 77 % of vegetarian travellers would carry ready-to-eat food that is pre-packaged like noodles and upma, among others, on a smaller trip.

However, they might necessarily choose a vegetarian- friendly destination it included if they decided to be on a longer vacation, that is a lot more than five times.