An 86-storey residential skyscraper – Marina Torch Tower in Dubai was engulfed in fire today morning, but soon the entire building was successfully evacuated and fire has been brought under control, with no reports of injuries or casualties.

Marina Torch Tower was the world’s tallest residential buildings back in 2011, with a height of 1105 feet and 86 floors. Just four years after its opening, the Torch tower was caught with a major fire outbreak in 2015 which caused major damage to the luxurious flats and forced evacuation of the Marina neighbourhood. And again today early morning, the Torch tower was under an inferno which set fire in major parts of the building. The massive fire was put out by blaze at around 4 AM in the morning but the quick Dubai Firefighting squad arrived immediately and conducted an evacuation operation.

Panicked residents fled one of the tallest towers in Dubai and the firefighters have extinguished the blaze. As per reports of Dubai’s civil defence authorities, the tower was evacuated successfully and there were no injuries or casualties. The fire is said to be brought out from the 50th floor and soon it has started spreading as people were asleep in the middle of night, just like the tragic Manchester’s Grenfell tower incident. But luckily, the fire alarms went on and prompted the residents to flee from the building which was under fire. The quick responsiveness of residents and the firefighter authorities have helped in avoiding a major tragedy.

Although the actual reason of eruption of this massive fire at Torch Tower is unknown, the fire is under control and will be cleared soon. The authorities have also cordoned off the surrounding area of Torch Tower for safety from the debris that are falling off. The matter is being looked into and necessary steps will soon be taken, as per Dubai authorities.