Robotic police or Robocop are pretty common in cinematic world, but not much in real life, especially not patrolling streets and cities. Not anymore, Singapore has developed an artificial intelligence enabled robot that patrolled the East Asia Summit held at Singapore recently.

The real-life Robocop is a highly autonomous robot with the typical “blue and red” police lights and a swiveling camera on its head that are used to monitor the surrounding. The white colored Robocop runs on four wheels and it is as tall as an average human being, about five feet. Placed at Singapore’s East Asia Summit, not only did the robot police amuse by being a cool cop, but also work effectively and prevented as well as monitored the audience at the event. The robot also helped in providing additional security by patrolling the summit area and prevented people to snap pictures of the summit of world leaders. But once off the duty for a while, the robot himself stopped and clicked selfies with visitors for a geeky memory.

The cool Robocop still has no name for itself, but its unique unnamed Robocop is a prototype developed by Police, which is able to transmit 360° photo of the area which it is monitoring. It moves independently on a pre-mapped route. It is smart enough to avoid obstacles and keep running on the pre-mapped route, and also looks adorable enough to be  mistaken for a gigantic toy and started adoring it, rather than fearing it. A Chinese holidaymaker Ruan Min even said, “It’s so cute, it looks like a toy.” The four-year-old daughter of Ruan even chased down this for fun.

Singapore is a country known for its strict laws and orders, which means, every security aspect has to be perfectly taken care of, and the robot complied them all. In fact recently, Singapore released a major security operation to secure the world-class summit organized by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) which was attended by as many as 20 international leaders and that was monitored by the robot.