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Eat in the sky at India's first Fly Dining restaurant in Bengaluru

A newly-opened restaurant named "Fly Dining" in Bengaluru – India's first fly dining restaurant offers one of the finest dining options - but at a height of 160 feet up in the sky.

If you are a fanatic of heights and the idea of having dinner in the sky fascinates you, well, you do not need to travel abroad - India just got its first sky dining restaurants in Bengaluru. Named as Fly Dining, the restaurant up in the sky as high as 160 feet and will suspend your dining table mid-air at the height of 16 storeys for a bird's eye view while you enjoy your dinner. With a capacity of accommodating as many as 22 people, the Fly Dining restaurant is located next to the beautiful Nagavara Lake and the city's green cover for a mesmerising view from the topmost open air vantage point. There are no age limits, but one has to be at least 4 feet 5 inches tall to be able to join fir the sky dinner.


If you are worried about safety, this is not a new concept and about 40 countries provide this service since 2008 with all safety measures deeply looked into. The entire design of the flying table is calculated, tested and implemented by experts from TUV Rheinland in Germany. And guests are required to wear seatbelts, while the members of the staff are also appropriately secured with safety harnesses. Before the dinner a supervisor briefs the diners with a safety video. Just make sure to not drop off those expensive crockery pieces. In case of emergencies, the set up can be brought down within minutes. But, one should pay a visit to the washroom before embarking on the exciting dinner.

You can book the entire table if you are going in big groups, or just book individual seats – and up in the air, all visitors will be accompanied by a chef, bartender and a photographer. Although the food is not cooked in the air, everything will be served by the staff once you are suspended in mid-air to enjoy the fine menu which is divided in two parts – a mocktail session and a dinner session. You can choose from grilled chicken or sautéed vegetables with herb rice, croquettes and bruschetta as well as inclusions like a fruit bowl and mock-tail for dinner. And the mocktail session includes a drink and snacks. About the price, mocktail session that lasts for about half an hour will cost Rs 3999 per person and the dinner that can go on for an hour is priced Rs 6999 per person.

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