New Delhi: 7 National Parties and 35 State Parties will be participating in EVM demo arranged by Election Commission.

After complaints of many political parties for EVM tampering ahead of UP Election & Delhi Polls, EC has arranged a day seminar in which they explain the transparency of EVM and how VVPAT can play a vital role in Indian Democratic Festival. Earlier, AAP has claimed the easy-hacking of EVM and demonstrated in Delhi Assembly.

Although when asked to EC regarding this issue, they dismissed the all the points of machine vulnerability by Saurabh Bhardwaj by stating that EVM as prototype machine and can be easily bypassed through various tricks.

About a week ago, the ECI held a meeting with representatives of 42 political parties on the issue of electoral reforms, including EVM security.

Mayawati-led BSP also raised the concern on the same issue faced during Uttarakhand and UP Election where BSP was an influential party.

Considering every situations and problem raised against the EVM system, EC has arranged the demonstration and are engaged to prove transparency in the voting system of World’s Largest Democracy, India.

No matter should remain closed and no technology should contain loop holes, EC is confident enough to demonstrate the EVM and make sure to public about its 100% transparency and vote they give for their betterment.

At the event, those having raised questions on EVM security would be invited to demonstrate how EVMs can be tampered with.

VVPATs would be used in all the assembly and general elections which will make the voting system perfect & transparent to the public.

It is expected that this feature will solve all the tampering issues with EVM.