As election dates in three states are getting closer, the election fever is gripping the northeast India – campaigns from political parties looking towards the northeast with desperation to win, because these elections will be decisive for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. The final fate of Indian politics, at least for next term.

A lot has changed over time in Indian politics and a lot more will change in coming years. In 2014, India decided to take a break from the stagnant state of the nation and hand over power to the leaders, who might as well change the nation. With just a year to go, the ruling NDA government has a lot to do – the party is now the one who is to answer the questions asked by others. While it may seem like the political wind might be changing, it is still quite premature to declare political obituaries of Narendra Modi. A victory in three local seats in Rajasthan could indicate something, but it should not be interpreted as a nationwide political mood change. While it might be seen as a projection for the outside world, we all know it is still hugely a result of local dismay and rift for a particular community over the controversy of a film.

As of now, the aim is northeast. It is three northeast states and one final goal. The election fever is gripping in the poll-bound northeast states of India and PM Modi is gearing up towards campaigning in Tripura – one of the only two states in India where the left parties are in power. While political pundits are expecting a close contest between the left and the saffron party, the latter is adamant to dethrone the incumbent Manik Sarkar government from Tripura on February 18. Apparently, there is nothing more appealing than the possibility of political uncertainty to excite the imagination of the political leaders of today’s India. However, not to lose a chance, the BJP is leaving no stones unturned to woo the people of Tripura and get hold of the decisive state, to lock 2019.

Today in Tripura, the PM will try to run out a Modi-wave, even in the left bastion, with two public rallies near border areas – Sipahijala and Kailashahar. After a public rally at Rangamati Madrassa school ground in Sipahijala, Modi will fly to Kailashahar in Unakoti district to address a public meet at Ramkrishna Mahavidyalaya stadium in the second half of the day. Amid the jam-packed one day schedule in Tripura, the main agenda will be to show how BJP has prioritised Northeast since 2014 and how the state government has done little for them. With this anti-incumbency wave, the BJP is hoping to come into power in Tripura for the first time. Anything can happen in politics, because nobody in the world can know how the voter votes during the one minute in the polling booth.