Nearly went bankrupt once, Elon Musk’s net worth now soared at $20 Billion, along with its new venture SpaceX.

On Wednesday, when Forbes released the list of Richest Techies, Elon Musk clinched top position followed by Paul Allen ($20.5 Billion) and Eric Schmidt ($21.4 Billion). Earlier, when Forbes listed the World’s Billionaires, Musk was just at $13.9 Billion.

Musk’s Mars project SpaceX created wings in the wealth increment. The basic aim of SpaceX is the send people to Mars and the rays of hope are strong enough due to successful testing and research in dedicated labs, developed and designed by Musk. Last month, it raised $350 Million in valuation which led to Musk at top as he is the owner of more than a half.

When we talk about the achievements of SpaceX, it recently sent a cargo payload into orbit with earlier used rocket, becomes the debut private firm to do so. In meantime, Musk shared the first images of SpaceX spacesuit on his instagram account. He confirmed in February that the company will send humans to space as early as next year.

On another side, Tesla Model 3 is anticipated to grow the company revenue like never before, specifically designed for moderate class family to afford and experience premier level car, exclusively from Tesla. This led to 55% increment in the stock market last year.

Elon Musk joined Tesla in 2004 as the most vital investors and became CEO in 2008 when he solved global financial crisis of company. He reportedly liquidated nearly all of his assets to fund continued development at Tesla and SpaceX, both of which were viewed as long-shot ventures by many outsiders.

Now, as SpaceX rockets fly further into space, Musk’s net worth seems to defy gravity as well.