Rockets, cars and now BRAIN CHIPS! Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX now plans to implant tiny electrodes in human brain which will connect the brain with computers and guess what, that will help us upload and download thoughts someday soon!

Elon Musk is surely a mastermind, an immensely brainy techie and he has launched a new company called Neuralink which will work on developing a technology called ‘Neural lace’, which will allow humans to communicate with machines using signals from their brains. Mr Musk will now build brain chips because building mass market electric vehicle and colonizing on Mars aren’t ambitious enough for him.

A neural lace is a wireless brain implant which is expected to remove any physical interface between humans and machines. So far, the such links only existed in realm of science fictions and movies but we know about Elon Musk, at least a little bit, and he turns unfeasible to reality, history testifies that.

Neuralink’s first products are expected to include brain implants that can treat neurological disorders like epilepsy and depression. You might be thinking that the brain implant would require extensive brain surgery that might seem haunting, but Musk said that it could be simply injected into the veins! See, he has a solution for everything.

Musk has also taken keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and he has characterized it as potential threat to the survival of human race. The thought of human extinction has bugged Musk so much so that he is now has come up with a billion-dollar crusade to stop the AI Apocalypse.