The new charming French president Emmanuel Macron just made is first meeting with his Russian counterpart and a formidable leader Vladimir Putin on Monday and he made tough talks over the Syrian issue.

Macron and Putin headed to the Palaces of Versailles for a symbolic meeting to defy personal relationships between the French and Russian leaders. During the two-hour meeting, Macron’s agenda was to talk over the issue in Syria and he urged for cooperation with Russia to fight the Islamic State massacre in Syria and other countries. He seems to be believing in diplomatic and political framework to solve the rising problem. While on the other hand, Macron clearly warned that France will show ‘no weakness’ and will take immediate actions if chemical weapons are used.

Recently, French spies found and released evidences which proved that Assad’s regime had used toxic sarin gas for attacking Idlib which killed hundreds including young children. And the French President said that adopting democratic transition in Syria would help in preserving the state of Syria from anymore destruction and disruption. He also said that it is their absolute priority to fight against terrorism and terrorist groups, especially IS and that the French expect closer partnership with Russia.

The meeting at Versailles was aimed to sought and improve the ‘strained’ relationships between France and Russia and both leaders described it to be an ‘extremely frank’ talk. This meeting proved to be the Frenchman’s second test for diplomatic skills after the memorable vice-grip prolonged handshake with the US President Donald Trump last week. Only that, this time the handshake was warmer but the tone guarded off an hour later. Putin said that while their talks differed at some points, the Franco-Russian ties will withstand all the points of friction. And we hope the fruition of this ‘frank’ talk will benefit the devastated state of Syria.