French President Emmanuel Macron urged the four Gulf nations who have imposed an embargo on Qatar since June, on Friday. And not just Macron, but Angela Merkel too expressed Germany’s willingness to resolve the crisis.

Since about three months, the group of four Saudi-led GCC countries have imposed full-ban on Qatar, blaming it to be funding extremism. Ever since then, Qatar has been trying to improve relations with other countries and has blew off millions to sustain the Gulf crisis. During such bilateral visit to France, Qatari Emir – Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani met French President Emmanuel Macron. While talking to the Emir, Macron expressed his concern over the tensions that threaten regional stability, undermining the political resolution of crises and collective fight against terrorism.

Although Qatar’s economic and social balance has remained unfazed despite Arab blockade, the oil-nation had to blew off $38 billion to stand firmly after the embargo sting. This has somehow rippled and disturbed lives of citizens and balanced economic routine of Qatar. Next on the tour, Qatari Emir met German Chancellor Angela Merkel who too has tried to defuse the crisis by inviting all sides at a table. Marking that since 100 days of implementation of the Arab embargo, there has been no significant progress and so despite the fact that Germany is not involved in the issue, they will be open to help in resolving the conflict.

Both Paris and Berlin appreciated continuous efforts of acting as a key mediator Kuwait in solving Gulf crisis; as well as United States’ tries to cool off the Arab mishap. The readiness to resolve issue has rose hopes that peace will retain in the Gulf ocean with healthy alliance among the GCC countries. Next up, Emir Sheikh is scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, before attending the UN General Assembly meeting in New York. Will there be any solution to the Gulf crisis, or is it just stage small talk?