The Iraqi forces have declared end of caliphate after the successfully recapturing a ruined historic mosque named Grand al-Nouri situated in the heart of Mosul, which was considered a de facto of ISIS.

After eight months of catastrophic grinding against the militants, the urban warfare in the war-torn capital city of Mosul is on the verge of its end. The Iraqi military has finally seized an 850-years-old historic monument – the Grand al-Nouri Mosque, after three years from being captured by the militants. The mosque was the place from where the ISIS had proclaimed the caliphate and victory over the de facto base of ISIS is a major triumph for Iraq.

The government troops are now in the heart of the Old City which is considered to be the last resort of the so-called ISIS in Mosul. With this major development, the Iraqi forces are expecting to take over the entire city and finally end the long-on battle for Mosul in coming days, as the militants have been bottled down to just a handful of neighbourhoods of Old City now. A military spokesperson says that they expect to clear the entire city within upcoming fortnight, putting an end to the years long caliphate.

The fall of ISIS in Mosul will also weaken the extremist group’s hold on entire Iraq, despite the fact that they are still holding majority of areas of Iraq, controlling thousands of people. ISIS is also losing its hold in the city of Raqqa in Syria with the help of US and Kurdish-backed Syrian military. At last, after years if looks like the fictitious group is falling.

Although, most parts of the medieval era Grand al-Nouri mosque and its famed al-Hadba minaret have been blown up, flamed and destroyed by the ISIS and most of its parts are reduced to rubble, its re-capturing has issued an end to the fierce battle. Thousands of civilians and military personnel have been killed and almost 9,00,000 people have fled just from the northern city to other places since 2014, but ultimately the ISIS’s strongholds like Mosul and Raqqa are falling. Because in the end, the good wins over the evil, always – we just have to keep believing in that. Mosul will be free, forever.