Home to the world’s largest rail network in the entire world, India might soon upgrade from semi-high speed trains to fully automated engine-less trains, as the Indian Railways is all set to test the first set of no engine semi-high speed train in September.

From hand-ridden trains to steam and coal engines to electric ones, trains have come a long way evolving themselves to the needs of modernizing world. The huge Indian Railways network is currently puffing on semi-high speed electric engines and is all set to witness the next up-gradation – the engine-less trains. The Integral Coach Factory of Chennai has come up with the engine free train project and are planning to test the automated train in coordination with the Indian Railways, this September.

The engine-less train will be completely self-operated by bots and well-developed algorithms, leaving no room for errors. To keep track of the trains speed, location and status remotely, it will be equipped with GPS tracking ability and a qualified team aboard to resolve any technical issues that might arise. With two different categories of coaches – executive category will be able to accommodate maximum 56 passengers, while the non-executive chair car will accommodate maximum 78 passengers. The coaches will be interconnected for easy movement inside train and  will have space to park the wheelchairs for disabled passengers.

For passenger comfort and entertainment, the engine-less train will be well-equipped with full automatic footrests and the sliding doors facility, zero-discharge bio-vacuum toilets and on-board WiFi hotspots. Above all, these train will be “Made In India”- not only is this a major milestone for India, but it will prove to be extremely cost-effective. Since everything will be developed in India, the total cost of manufacturing automatic trains will be half in cost compared to the ones that are currently imported currently.