After three years of indecisive Brexit terms from Britain and with just over a week left for UK to leave the block, the members of European Union finally grudgingly eased the Brit chaos by offering a few weeks of delay to Brexit on Thursday.

After being rejected for two times from the British parliament, PM Theresa May is planning to make a third attempt to get her Brexit deal passed in the House next week. But, keeping the possibility of being rejected once again, or the time taken to pass the legislation if approved – May had acknowledged the European bloc about the Brexit gridlock earlier this week and also requested for a late departure from the EU bloc until June 30, 2019 – for a “smooth departure”. This made the European leaders wary about the possibility of May no longer having the clout in Parliament for Brexit, even with no deal.

Hence, on Thursday, after three long years of indecisiveness from Britain, the European bloc leaders grudgingly offered a delay of few weeks for Britain to leave the European Union. During the long stretched meeting on Thursday, the EU leaders announced that Britain could postpone its departure, due on March 29, until May 22 – “if the UK Parliament approves Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal in next week”. The decision from Europe is eases the tension for Britain, but it still does not eliminate the threat of a chaotic no-deal Brexit.

Because in case of “no vote” from British Parliament, it will guide to a no-deal exit, which can crash out the country without any agreement with EU. If that happens, it would cause huge economic and governance disruptions in Britain, costing billions and leaving a “shock to the economy that will be felt by generations to come”. And the few weeks of allowance from EU will ease the horrors that Britain and Theresa May are currently facing currently – just eight days away from Brexit.