The exam pattern of 10th and 12th Standard is about to be changed by the Central Board of Secondary Education aka CBSE board of education across India and is likely to be implemented from 2020.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board has proposed and submitted a list of new rules for exam pattern of school to the HRD ministry, and if approved, it will create a new educational system. Looking into the proposed list, major changes will be made in the pattern of question papers, which will be applicable from 2020. Most significant among all rules would be including exams for vocational subjects earlier and announcing the results early as well. The purpose for adding an exam for vocational courses is to test the abilities of the students rather than judging them on the basis of mugging and cramming.

The new exam patterned question papers will include more questions of case study and practical problem solving type but shorter; which means, exam results will be more driven by learning capabilities of students instead of just memorizing text books. While getting approval from the HRD Ministry might still take a few months, the CBSE Board has already started taking actions towards making changes in exam pattern by 2020. These changes include the decision to conduct exams in two phases – first phase would be testing vocational abilities of students that will be conducted in February; and the second phase would focus on other subjects to be conducted in March and create fair results.

There will be some inspections, queries etc from the school owners and the ministry will totally depend on academic quality of the institutes for selecting them. Infrastructure will regularly be monitored by the ministry through recognition authorities, referring to the respective state government education departments. These bylaws will pay more attention to crucial factors such as quality of schools, such as the quality of teachers, learning outcomes and methodologies of teaching for better educational quality in India.