In the center of Oxford Street, the walkway Bird Street has been turned into ‘smart street’ which consumes electricity on renewable sources of energy.

Partnership of the New West End Company and Transport for London on the line of Pavegen, a technology described as ‘smart pavement’ have played vital role to make bird street, a ‘smart street’.

Basically, all the energy is generated by the people itself. We know you are eager to know how right? It simple, just walk on that street and you are able to harvest kinetic energy generated by you which will generate power for LED lights and bird sounds.

Not just this, even mobile app has been developed to track how much energy they are creating and they can be rewarded by coupons from the various stores of the street. The main aim behind this project is to aware people of utilising sustainable energy, generate some profit for small businesses, and collect data.

Along with Pavegen technology, there is project which can diminish nitrogen dioxide from air to make an eco-friendly environment for public. This project is handled by Airlabs ClearAir. No doubt, there are many communities in London who is actively working in reducing emissions and make cities healthier and sustainable.

If you look at the future, the concept Pavegen will be beneficial to people at a certain extent that can make earth, a better place to live. They are utilised by us to give power from us, which comes back to us in other ways.

With Bird Street concept, people of London can have a powerful vision where they can lead their own city for an environment-friendly approach. If this works perfect, the system will be widely spread around the globe.