An Indian private space research startup “Exceed Space” has successfully build the country’s first such satellite named Exseed Sat-1 and launched it into space with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket to become India’s first privately build satellite to be launched into space.

“Exseed Space” is a Mumbai-based privately owned space research  firm that was founded by Kris Nair and they recently became successful in designing and developing the Exseed Sat-1 satellite. Weighing around 1 kg and double the size of a normal Rubik’s cube, Exseed Sat-1 has become the first Indian satellite that is ready to be launched in space by a private commercial organization without involvement of government or any governmental body in India.

The tiny satellite Exceed Sat-1 was built in just 18 months by the team at Exseed Space and will serve the amateur radio community. Besides this, Exseed Sat-1 will also help the nation in time of disaster to forecast and update regarding weather details through timely signals. Exceed-1 has an up-link frequency of 435.340 MHz in  Narrowband FM and a down link frequency of 145.9 MHz, Narrowband FM, which enables the satellite to notify people with its signal on 145.9 MHz frequency directly on televisions using a simple TV tuner. When the satellite was successfully launched in space by the Falcon 9 rocket, they received Morse code of “V for Victory” from the satellite 675 kilometers far away.

After being postponed several times due to weather and some technical reasons, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket took off from Earth on Tuesday from the Vandenberg air force based in California. Falcon 9 carried 63 satellites from 17 different countries along with Exseed Sat-1.After the launch, CEO of Exseed Space, Kris Nair tweeted, “Typically it takes years and millions of dollars to put together one satellite. With the successful launch of Exseed Sat-1, the team has now demonstrated that it is possible to build reliable commercial-grade spacecraft in a matter of months without spending a lot of money.” The launch of India’s first privately made and launched satellite breaks ISRO’s monopoly to launch satellites into space in the country.