Facebook has affirmed the acquisition yet did not share any additional data on its future implementation.

Fayteq is best known for creating technology that makes it conceivable to add objects to existing videos or remove objects from videos.

It sold a software plugin for video editors like Adobe After Effects that could track objects in a video and control or remove them freely. Such technology has a lot of potential applications for Facebook’s video and augmented reality endeavours.

Fayteq is Facebook’s third affirmed acquisition as of late. The social network got the content rights company Source3 and Ozlo, an AI chat-bot startup earlier these days.

Facebook propelled an AR platform for its implicit camera feature in April at the current year’s F8, with the point of urging developers to manufacture AR experiences for use in Facebook on smartphones, which Mark Zuckerberg has said will be “the first augmented reality platform that becomes mainstream.”

Fayteq’s technology could be put to use in different video features like Facebook Live or Stories or it could be worked into the company’s Camera Effects Platform, which incorporates a developer tool for creating AR effects.

A few parts of this platform incorporate perceiving certifiable objects caught by a smartphone camera and applying digital effects particular to those objects. Facebook’s turn into turning into an AR platform was made all the more fascinating when Apple uncovered plans to really do much a similar thing at a framework level all through iOS with ARKit, which makes it incredibly basic for developers to add virtual objects to scenes.

The world’s biggest social network added a video tab a year ago, and it has been dropping clues for a considerable length of time that it needed to end up noticeably a wellspring of original and all around produced videos, as opposed to simply shows made by users.