Facebook is out in the wilds of internet to hunt those spam news links posted by clickbaits, and it has adopted a new algorithm to stop those links from displaying in the Facebook New Feed section.

Social media has now turned into a deceitful place, we don’t believe everything we see or read, or rather we shouldn’t believe because it is full of spam or false stories and news which are just meant to attract clicks, especially on Facebook. Developers at Facebook are aware about this, of course, and are working hard to make internet ‘trustworthy’ all over again. But technically, Facebook cannot suspend any account just for sharing 50+ false or clickbaity articles or links per day. Now that’s snafu, right? Yet, they have found out a new way to stop spam content from spreading.

They cannot suspend accounts, but nothing can stop them from burying those links far below in the News Feed section so that hardly anyone ever see it. Neat! To get on the neat solution, Facebook has announced that it has changed its algorithms who are meant to do exactly that – bury spam posts in the internet. May they rest in peace there. The algorithms detect links which are aggressively shared by suspected spammers and de-prioritize them, so nobody finds them ever again. If that works correctly, we will be able to get access to quality content rather than those clickbait, sensationalist and misinformation content on Facebook, utter peace.

Also, don’t worry if you just like to post a lot on Facebook, the new algos won’t affect you because pages are free to post as much as they want as this change only scrutinizes individual user accounts. So this is not about the Facebook pages, but it targets the individuals who deliberately share vast quantity of spam content.

If Facebook successfully banishes such content sharing on its platform, people will actually spend more time reading and will be more confident about what they click and will eventually attract more users; which is ultimately the whole idea behind Facebook – bringing the world closer together.