Travel advertisers will not need to wait for vacation time to decide vacation destinations and begin their courtship process, as Facebook has a tool which will enable the tourism brands to target users even before they started planning their trips.

Tourism is a wide and diverse sector, but it comes with hardships in shaping up destinations and trips that suits maximum number of users. However, travel advertisers will no more need to wait for it to begin their courtship process and shaping of trips and vacations. The new Facebook feature called “Trip Consideration” is now available under Facebook’s dynamic ads for travel, which will help to target potential travellers even before they approach or start planning. The tool is supported by social media’s existing targeting options and works across Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook has developed the tool after extensive research related to users’ behaviour on social media and the internet when they are planning for a trip. Facebook travel department head Christine Warner said that after a social network research, an average of 43 days pass between the decision to travel and the decision on where to go. So that makes the time-window best suitable for advertising travel destinations as the users have an intention and are open to options available. And since we officially live in a “mobile-world”, most people spend most of their time personalising vacations with references from the internet and the social network.

For example, a student s interested in going on spring break at the beach and looks at travel-related pages but hasn’t picked an exact location. From there, travel advertisers can push ads to the student promoting flight or hotel deals. And a survey shows that 68 percent of millennial used Facebook to find ideas for their most recent trips, while that figure was 60 percent for Instagram. That is when Facebook’s Trip Consideration plans can be used with its update with three new features – the ability to promote hotels and flights; broad audience targeting to reach more travellers; and more creative options. This will benefit both travel advertisers as well as travellers.