California, USA: According to the survey, the people from ages 15-29 are more likely to commit suicide due to various reasons. This is the actual age when one is growing and developing from the individual and social point of view, directly-indirectly beneficial to the nation. No effective projects or programmes were found to stop it or making it ratio lower. Yet, the Social Media giant Facebook has launched suicide prevention tool for live video and Messenger app.

This tools are power pack of Artificial Intelligence technology and made it easier for concerned users and friends of troubled parties to reach out or report directly to Facebook. Messenger now has live chat from crisis support organisations.

People watching the video can reach out to the person directly, or report the post to Facebook. In even worst cases, emergency services can be reached to help the friend, from a friend. Facebook has also published a video campaign for same giving tutorials of how one can help to another. Although Messenger integration will be launched in short time, it confirms the adequate capacity to handle any volume of communication.

Moreover, it has trained the robots to recognise posts that have content on self-harm or suicide based on patterns of previous posts that have been reported by other users.

Even if an individual has not reported a post, Facebook’s own Community Operations team will directly reach out to the individual if AI detects the strong suicidal chances of the user. Reporting for suicide-related posts has been initiated as a test in the USA, and will soon expand to other countries of the world.