Each day, hundreds of people die because of unavailability or shortage of blood in emergent conditions and the problem is pretty common in India. To solve this, Facebook is lending a hand which can make it easy for anyone to find a blood donor, efficiently and effectively – a good deed, indeed.

Facebook, one of the social media websites that triggered the outburst of ‘social’ websites and changed the way people communicated and used internet. Known for revolutionising, Facebook has billions and billions of users, each day, from all across the planet. Grabbing the advantage of huge mass of audience and users, Facebook decided to lend help to people which can let them easily find a blood donor in India. It may seem a tiny step, but if effective, this feature has the potential to save, God knows how many lives! Let’s find out how.

Honouring the upcoming National Blood Donation Day on October 1, Facebook will provide an option to Indian users, through which one can sign up as blood donors. Since there is major shortage of ‘safe’ blood in the country, sometimes getting blood even through blood banks gets tough. In such situations, family and friends can easily reach out on Facebook network and look up for registered blood donors nearby. This feature will help donors, patients, and hospitals connect more easily with options of notifying donors for blood requests – just like friend requests.

From October 1, Facebook will begin showing a message in the News Feed prompting users to sign up as blood donors. The information will remain private and set to “only me” by default, though users can share their donor status on their profile if they wish. And initially, this feature will be available only on Android and mobile web since they are the most popular platforms used in India. Whenever a blood request is posted by anyone, a notification will be sent to all registered donors nearby and an option to respond through Messenger, WhatsApp, or a call will also be provided.

Also, if you are worried that your contact details and information will be publicised as a blood donor and you might receive tons of calls or notifications, then don’t worry. Every information you share on Facebook as a blood donor will be kept private – unless you choose to disclose it. It is really a very good deed and I guess everyone who are healthy enough to donate blood should sign up on there, I mean it takes nothing and you have all the control and you can actually save someone’s life. What can be better than that?