After the Cambridge Analytica scandal blow, Facebook’s market share is continuously falling and the #deleteFacebook hashtag is continuously trending on Twitter. To regain faith, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised that the social media platform will enhance its security to ensure integrity and avoid possibility of illegal data harvesting scandals, ahead of elections in India and Brazil in 2019.

A lot happened to Facebook and its massive user database after the major data breach scandal by a British firm named Cambridge Analytica, linked to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign came into light. User information from more than 50 million Facebook users across the world was illegally harvested by the British analytical and political advisory firm, raising questions about the integrity of Facebook’s security and privacy terms. However, to ensure trust among the governments and people, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ensured that Facebook will enhance its security so that users’ privacy and security remains intact – especially ahead of elections in India and Brazil.

During a press interview with The New York Times, Zuckerberg referred to the new artificial intelligence (AI) tools that Facebook is currently utilising to detect fake accounts spreading fake information and news – and bring them down. The AI tools where actually used by Facebook earlier in 2017 during French election when more than 30,000 fake accounts that we believe were linked to Russian sources who were trying to do the same kind of tactics they did in the US in the 2016 election were found and disabled. The AI tools were used once more during the special election in Alabama and turned out to be successful.

However, Zuckerberg believes that with time, the attackers too have upgraded and have gotten more sophisticated – hence, needing more updates in Facebook’s artificial intelligence algorithms and tools. Zuckerberg said, “This is a massive focus for us to make sure we’re dialled in for not only the 2018 elections in the US, but the Indian elections, the Brazilian elections, and a number of other elections that are going on this year that are really important.” There’s a lot on table to take care of and to meet the big commitments, Facebook will require to bubble up its security team to double the size.