Facebook says you won’t need Yellow Pages, or rather anyone’s contact number of brands ,as Facebook Messenger will act like a Yellow Pages and allow people to search using the app.

David Marcus, head of messenger at Facebook, said, “Facebook Messenger will act like a whitepaper or Yellow Pages. You’ll be able to search for people in Messenger and you won’t need a phone number. People will be able to contact businesses straight through the platform”.  The messenger will prove to be a perfect digital contacting platform as it allows sending texts, send voice messages, making audio and video calls, and even style filters, video add-ons and group calling. Facebook is also introducing its Discover function in the US, which allows users to use chatbots to communicate with businesses.

These newly added features to Messenger were made in response to consumer demand, with a growing number of people active on the platform. Talking about the contacting feature, Marcus said that, “One key property for Messenger is the ability for brands to reach customers who are registered on Facebook. Customers can actually engage with the brand and be sent relevant content.” Also, Brands are already able to receive payments through Messenger in the US, which is something the tech giant wants to expand globally within the next 12 months.

So the Facebook Messenger which offered light-hearted features such as informal group chats and Snapchat-style filters but after the new update, Facebook hopes that it will  users will not be put off being contacted by “serious” brands on the platform. It used to be a platform just to call your friends but now it has so many capabilities. I think the notion people want to be serious on some platforms and not on others is pretty antiquated. You can walk into a bank and have a serious conversation and then go and goof around with your friends. You can act different in different places and the same is true with your digital life.